Photography Beginnings

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It's always fascinating to me to learn how people get into the things they do - whether it be a hobby, a passionate art or even a job. I love to know how people ended up where they end up and why they love what they love. 

So I thought I'd share with all how I found myself in love with photography.

It started when I was pretty young. One of my favorite memories of childhood was visiting with my dad - and stealing his cameras. I remember he had two. I personally always loved his Canon more (but I couldn't get him to let me "borrow" that one ;)) - but I LOVED when he'd let us borrow his camera. I loved to capture whatever we were doing, be it spending time with people or spending time in nature, I loved photographing everything. Plus, my dad always seemed really into photography; and much like other little girls that totally thought their dad was the coolest thing ever - I wanted to do something that he did.

Fast forward to my older years - I asked for a camera so I could keep capturing life with my own camera. My first camera was some on-sale 35mm that I took EVERYWHERE. I was totally the annoying pre-teen with her camera up in everyone's face. Everyone may have forgotten (or maybe blocked out) this, but I assure all my friends and family, I have plenty of photos of ALL of you in my stash. ;)

When digital cameras came about, I just HAD to have one. My first one was a really crappy HP, but hey, it worked. I forced all my friends to take "selfies" with me before "selfies" where even a thing. (Don't worry - still have all of those, too.)

I've pretty much always had a camera since that first 35mm I got to call my own. For a long time, it consisted of my point-and-shoot canon (still love those for quick fixes), but I eventually invested in a much more sophisticated camera, a Canon rebel. I loved my rebel (still have her), but once I fell into the photog business, I decided it was time to upgrade and move on. 

My favorite things to shoot are people - I love to capture people - not just their faces, but their feelings, their emotions, their moment. I think what makes a photo from good to great is when you can feel the photo, not just see the people in the picture. I love that I've gotten to take something I do from a personal hobby to helping other people capture those memories, too.


Photos include: The Pentax 35mm I might have life-borrowed from my dad. I haven't played around with it much, but I'd love to start using it more!

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